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Jacquelein Veldhuis

Description by friend JulieD, "written by a sweet lady in Holland."

Author says,
"My name is Jacquelien. I am a 36 years young woman living in the beautiful Northside of Holland. I have a loving nature and I am curious about all the living creatures on our planet called Earth. I love life itself... I don't think it's always easy but everyday I smile in the mirror to the person that I Am. I am a spiritual thinking/feeling human and that is what I write about in combination with my own emotions about my life as being human. When I write it is, in the first place for myself, because at the moment that I write I need to oversee my own emotion again. It is me talking to myself, healing myself or teaching myself.

I discovered when I showed my poems to other people that they immediately loved it; recognized themselves in the words, and sometimes even find comfort in it. So that is why I share it with others. Each poem which you may read from me, is me giving you all that I am, and is a personal handshake from me.

The photograph is my own. I just love making pictures and putting them together with the poetry that I write. If you have questions you may write to



Type Month Year Title
Poem May 2008 Behind My Closed Eyes
Poem June 2008 The Divine Love
Poem June 2008 Dear Inner Child
Poem November 2011 test
Poem August 2013 Memories
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