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David Van Os

David Van Os

Through 31 years of law practice, David Van Os has concentrated his priorities in the defense of Constitutional rights and liberties through the courts, the protection of working people through labor law and union contracts, and the promotion of human rights.

He has been listed in the prestigious reference book Best Lawyers in America by peer review for over 20 consecutive years. In 2005 the Backbone Campaign honored David with its Spine Award.

David is considered a co-founder in 2002 of the Texas Democratic Progressive Populist Caucus, and continues as an ex officio member of the steering committee. In 2007 he was named chairman of the board of the Inter-American Education Consortium and its hallmark project, the Liberty and Democracy Alliance.

For more information contact Rachel Barrios-Van Os 210-332-7080 or visit


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Article July 2008 Happy Fourth!
Article July-August 2011 For the past and the future July 4, 2011
Article April 2012 Enough, enough, enough!!
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