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LilyJo Abston

Lily Jo Walters Abston

I was born in Monahans, Texas to Burrell and Grace Walters. My dad worked for Gulf Oil Company and we lived in the Gulf Camp along with about 10 other families. There were nine children who grew up. My parent's first child died just before she was two years old and before other children were born. It was a great life out in the sand hills of west Texas where life was pretty simple and wonderful. We had a happy home life, good friends and a church home.

My dad was transferred to Olney, Texas when I was 12 years old and I thought I would absolutely die. My heart was in Monahans and even though I made friends in Olney, it never seemed quite like home the six years I lived there before going to college.

I attended Abilene Christian College, now Abilene Christian University and it was an experience I wouldn't take a million dollars for. It was there that I met my husband, Bill, and we have been married 53 years in April. We have two children, a son, David Abston and a daughter, Grace Abston Simpson. Our daughter and husband have two daughters and our son and wife have two sons. The grandchildren are a source of great pride and joy for us. We established many family traditions that have drawn us closer together. One granddaughter is married to a minister in Vernon, Texas and they are parents to our two little great-granddaughters, just 13 months apart. She also teaches school. I knew that the four grandchildren filled our lives with so much love and these little girls just make our hearts swell with even more pride and joy. One grandson is married and in grad school at the University of Texas, the youngest one is to graduate from high school this year and the other granddaughter in her second year of grad school at Abilene Christian. Incidentally, both children and three of the grandchildren graduated from Abilene Christian. The fourth grandchild will enter college in August of 2010 and where is not known yet.

l worked for 23 years as an executive secretary for E-Systems in Garland, a company involved with government contracts. Raytheon bought the company shortly after I decided to retire. My son has now worked for Raytheon for about 18 years.

My husband and I love to travel and have been to Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Ecuador, Ireland, England and Italy as well as several cruises. Our favorite vacation place is the New England area and we go there about once every two years.

I have a ministry of sending cards to people who are ill, have lost a loved one, having a birthday, etc. and I send email messages to our church when there is news that needs to transmitted to the congregation.

My greatest joy in life is my relationship with God and marriage to a godly man. I am very blessed.


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