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Joanne Sprott

My parents are from New Hampshire, but I moved around a lot as a military brat and found some solace from my isolation in writing. I left both prose and poetry writing behind after dabbling in it at high school level, though. An incurable romantic Dickensian, I tended to over-describe just about everything, and my poems were of the usual florid high school crush variety. In college, I majored in linguistics, and when I took creative writing, was told to shift to the more active and journalistic writing style of the 20th century. Good training, but not really my thing.

Not much time, or so it seemed, for writing while working in the Air Force for awhile myself, getting married and having two incredibly creative children (both now photographers) during the 80s and 90s. I also supported my first husband through grad school in geology and moved to Houston, Texas in 1990, where I began a freelance career as a book indexer and copyeditor/proofreader. And thatís what I continued with: wife, mom, indexer, editor, until 1999.

As mid-life approached, my first marriage was fraying around the edges and showing cracks up the middle, which pulled me into a place where the long lost passions of life came out as, at first anguished and still a bit florid, verse, but after some work with musician friends who wrote lyrics and the reading of lots of poetry, I began to find my own voice, and through assiduous editing, refined it. As a result of encouragement from these same folk musical friends and my second husband, I also began to recite my poetry and found that it was quite well received in that form.

I am currently putting my poems on my blog and working on making some audio recordings of recitations.


Type Month Year Title
Poem May 2011 Balance
Poem May 2011 A Texas Fall
Poem May 2011 Open the Eyes of Your Heart
Poem May 2011 The Silence
Poem October 2011 Pier Fishing
Poem October 2011 Ghosts on the Water
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