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Denise Sebastian

I began writing in high school. As we all know life and hormones take over and what some of us do then seems to fall by the way side. In college, I took a writing course and felt the urge once again, but as most college students know you’re too busy to continue--only what you can. The last two years have left me with the need to be creative and to get away in my mind. I found a joy in writing a brief encounter helping me escape some of the things I had to deal with. Plus, it was so much fun. I had a wonderful friend suggest that I write a bunch of my stories, or trysts as I call them. I hope the trysts I write will spark the romantic in all who read. I know it does for me.


Type Month Year Title
Story May 2011 In The Clouds
Story June 2011 A Walk on the Edge
Story September 2011 Coastal Walks
Story December 2013 Dreaming
Story February 2015 The Dark Secrets from Within
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