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Patricia Stalcup

"True North" is TRUE up until the part where Alaska dies. The rest is created in my mind and through inspiration from a very close and dear friend.

I am a woman with a conscience and leaving that unsaid is a crime against me.

These are my goals for this life.

I want to love myself.

I want to be loved.

I want to give love.

I want to help myself.

I want to help people (actually, I want to save people, but that’s not my job, it’s already done. Jesus did that on the cross).

I want to “just be”.

I want to write from the heart. (Make that, I will write from the heart, and I have written from the heart.)

Actually, it would be fair to say all those sentences omitting the “I want to’s”.

I love my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. I am following him into the gates of heaven. It’s true that the pathway is golden. All we have to do is “follow the yellow brick road”; the really narrow one. If you are unclear as to which golden path to follow, please, do the “Hokie Pokie” and turn yourself around. Then, ask him from your beautiful hearts to show you the right path. He will give you what you ask for, please be careful what you ask for. He will give us our Eden back. Have faith.


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Story May 2012 True North
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