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Merlin Energy

Merlin teaches in groups, one to one and online. He maintains a personal website to reach out to those who need uplifting and comforting advice. He also is a Tarot Card Reader. He resides in the small village of Compton Bassett on the outskirts of the Borough of Swindon in the county of Wiltshire, in South West England.

My belief is that there is one energy within each of us that is so powerful it can conquer all. That energy is love. Through love, and with love, all things become possible. Sadly many of us lose our connection with that energy and so lose our power.

Merlinís mission is to lead people back to that energy and reconnect them with that power which encompasses the entire Universe. Using that power you can connect to the good which lies in each and every one of us, but letís start small, let us start with ourselves. When we are right, we can move next to your neighbour and then his neighbour. Using that love you will get the best from yourself and the best from your life, all it takes is a little thought and a little understanding. Are you ready to walk with me?


Type Month Year Title
Article April 2013 Love, Not Fear
Column June 2014 Merlin Insights
Column July 2014 Merlin Insights
Column August 2014 Merlin Insights
Column October 2014 Merlin Insights
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