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Bethany Davies Whitaker

Photo by Haley Parrish

Hi! I'm Bethany and I'm 22. I graduated college with my degree in Psychology and Child Advocacy. My passion is for abused and neglected children and sex trafficking victims. I'm married to my best friend and we live in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC. I love Jesus and I love having deep conversations with others about their opinions on theology and doctrinal issues! Writing has been my way of releasing emotions for as long as I can remember and that's why I write here. Hopefully some of my writings will inspire you or help you through a difficult time!

From author's bio at her Blog "Altogether Beautiful.".

2013 photo

Bethany and husband Blake Whitaker


Type Month Year Title
Poem May 2014 Societyís Downfall
Poem May 2014 Who is He?
Poem June 2014 Wounded and Healed
Poem June 2014 True Beauty
Poem June 2014 Our Love Like the Stars
Poem June 2014 Happily Ever After
Poem August 2014 A Woman's Story
Article March 2015 Nursery rhymes are disturbing
Article January 2016 2015 Beauty in the Midst of Chaos
Article February 2016 2016 Self-Confrontation, Anger, and Godís Grace
Article February 2017 2017 Beloved.
Article AprMay 2017 Well Loved Bible + A Messy Heart
Article June 2017 Selah & Goals
Article July 2017 A Strange Journey-On Anxiety
Article August 2017 First Year Lessons
Column January2021 2020 Altogether Beautiful
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