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Barbara Irvin

My name is Barbara Irvin. I reside in Pennsylvania. I started writing in my teens, and I've never looked back. For me, it is the ultimate creative experience. I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Like many beginning writers, I started out by contributing content to newspapers and newsletters. I still do this on occasion because I think opportunities to be published exist all around. Seeing my name and the words that I write in print gives me such a feeling of accomplishment. It doesn't matter how significant or minor the piece is. The thrill which rushes over me is always there. No other occupation can provide me with this sudden surge of elation.

My first major job was as a columnist for The Washington Independent Review of Books. The column I wrote appeared once a month and was called Prose As Profession. I enjoyed being a columnist because it gave me the opportunity to share my views and experience on a variety of literary topics. Some of the things I wrote about included the importance of accurate research, writing a synopsis, and methods for testing out story ideas. I also had the opportunity to interview such novelists as Kat Martin and Donald Bain. This proved both interesting and fun, since I'd never interviewed any literary luminaries before. Gaining insight into how they got started inspired me to keep moving forward with my own projects.

While submitting essays and stories, I knew I needed to work on my craft. So, I enrolled in a freelance writing program. My concentration was in genre fiction. After completing my studies, I took some time to focus on poetry and writing for children. Choosing courses in these areas of literature helped me to expand my writing abilities.

As I continue to pursue my creative endeavors, I want to gain more knowledge in playwriting and screenwriting. My goal is to be prepared so that I can write for all sorts of markets.


Type Month Year Title
Poem November 2016 A Theatrical Thrill
Article December 2016 ESSAY: I Can Always Rely on Three Things
Story December 2016 A Friendship That Began In December
Poem February 2017 2017 Skating
Poem March 2017 2017 Tea
Article September 2017 The Work That Keeps Me Going
Poem June 2019 About To Go On
Story June 2019 Marital Mishap
Poem June 2021 Emptiness And Entitlement
(I want to be treated in a special way.)
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