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Kay Forristal

Bio of Kay Forristal: I was born in Listowel, Co Kerry in 1954, the youngest of 10 children. Up to the age of 4, I had a beautiful childhood. I suffered severe bullying from the age of 4 until I left school at 16.

I deleted those memories but they began to resurface when I was in my thirties through a series of snapshots and broken dreams. Eventually, I sought professional help. I awoke one morning and wrote my first poem, called "Wolf in Nun's Clothing." That was the start of a deluge of poetry recalling very sad and very beautiful memories of my past.

The journey would take 7 years of therapy. I published my memoir called Dancing on The Edge in 2004. R.T.E made a documentary of my life story for the Would You Believe Series in 2006.


Type Month Year Title
Poem September 2023 He Is There
Poem September 2023 Fleadh Cheoil
Poem September 2023 Home Blessing
Poem October 2023 Gypsy Rose
Poem October 2023 Wounded Child
Poem November 2023 The Fairy Ring
Poem November 2023 My Town
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