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A. G. Adair

A. G. Adair is the late husband of Mary, and founder of AMEA Publications which has published "Free Time" and "Hobbie$, Etc."

He served as a newspaperman for fifty-two years, recognized by many other newspapermen as among the top echelon of the craft.

His military career began during WWII, and his dedication to the safety of the nation led him to volunteer in various organizations such as the Texas State Guard where he attained the rank of brevet Colonel. During his service, he also was elected to a year's term as state president of the Texas State Guard Association.

His writing spanned many fields, but straight from the shoulder truisms were, perhaps, his most lauded efforts.


Type Month Year Title
Article November 2000 Ex-Soldier's Memories (1994)
Poem February 2002 My Oak Grove
Poem June 2023 My Oak Grove
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