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Lizard on the Window Screen

By John I. Blair

Hereís me looking at you.
Hereís you looking at me.
Youíre clinging to the window screen;
Iím still clinging to my notions.
You know this screenís a thing
Thatís easy to run about
And catches lots of bugs
You feed upon.
I think itís an artifact
Made expressly for my need
To keep bugs out, and you,
With your startling motions.
Your fate is that youíre stuck
With how you have evolved,
And donít ask why, but get by
On instinct and luck.
Iím in love with my notions . . .
Thatís the way Iíve evolved . . .
But whether I am getting by
Is open to debate.

©2002 John I. Blair

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