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John I. Blair

I live in Arlington, Texas, where I am now an old timer of more than 50 years residence. A Texan since 1969, I am a native of Wichita, Kansas, where I was born in 1941.

After earning a Master's in English at the University of Kansas at Lawrence, I made my living in technical publication and advertising for 41 years until retiring in 2007. While I dabbled in poetry writing when I was in college, I didn't start seriously writing until 2001. I don't claim to have a real style of my own, but aspire to writing a bit like Billy Collins, Andrew Hudgins, or Ted Kooser, all of whose work I greatly admire. As to my material, it's all over the map, from old cars and old cats to religious poetry and love songs. Lots of nature poetry, which comes readily to me as I am an avid birdwatcher and dedicated conservationist.

My late wife Clara also wrote poetry, some of which can be read on Pencil Stubs.


Type Month Year Title
Poem April 2002 Bullfrogs
Poem May 2002 Daffodil
Poem May 2002 My Old Cat
Poem May 2002 Old Friend
Poem June 2002 Wind Chimes
Poem June 2002 Walking At Night
Poem June 2002 Sanseviera
Poem June 2002 Honeysuckle Nights
Poem July 2002 To The Sea
Poem July 2002 Walking On The Beach
Poem July 2002 Laughing Gulls
Poem July 2002 By The Sea At Port Aransas
Poem August 2002 Abyssinian Eyes
Poem August 2002 Old Nefertiti
Poem August 2002 Mirror Image
Poem August 2002 Hug
Poem September 2002 Snake In the Grass
Poem September 2002 The Deer
Poem September 2002 The Mayflies
Poem October 2002 Don't Leave Love for Tomorrow
Poem October 2002 The Bowl
Poem October 2002 Old Houses
Poem October 2002 Lizard on the Window Screen
Poem November 2002 October Ashes
Poem December 2002 Thanksgiving
Poem December 2002 Sleep Trilogy
Poem December 2002 Some Thoughts Enter My Brain by The Back Door
Poem December 2002 When Roses Bloom in December
Poem January 2003 Starry Night
Poem January 2003 Prairie Rattlesnake
Poem January 2003 The Lake
Poem January 2003 Yellow Crowned Night Heron
Poem January 2003 Looking for Spring
Poem January 2003 Listening to Ferde Grofe's Grand Canyon Suite
Poem January 2003 Wishing
Poem January 2003 Perch In A Pool
Poem February 2003 Even A Snake Plant Sometimes Blooms
Poem February 2003 Friendship
Poem March 2003 Owl
Poem March 2003 Birdfeeder Karma
Poem March 2003 Ralph
Poem March 2003 Cedar Waxwings
Poem March 2003 Three Ways of Looking at Vultures
Poem March 2003 Sometimes the Moon
Poem March 2003 Categories
Poem April 2003 Listening
Poem April 2003 Cat
Poem April 2003 The Wild Swans of Arlington
Poem April 2003 Comfortable With Myself
Poem April 2003 Sparrow Nest
Poem April 2003 Irises
Poem May 2003 An Egret in A Roadside Ditch
Poem May 2003 Cat In the Garden
Poem May 2003 Snake
Poem May 2003 Baghdad
Poem June 2003 Don't Shout
Poem June 2003 Riding The Bus To My Father
Poem June 2003 Gulls In A Fog
Poem June 2003 Keeping My Counsel
Poem July 2003 Lapis Lazuli
Poem July 2003 Time To Laugh
Poem July 2003 Fish Tank
Poem July 2003 Some People Think Birds Taught Us Music
Poem August 2003 Morning Mist
Poem August 2003 Texas Summer
Poem August 2003 Wasp Nest
Poem August 2003 Inspiration
Poem August 2003 You Are My Sunshine
Poem September 2003 Black-bellied Whistling Tree Ducks
Poem September 2003 Tlaloc
Poem September 2003 Winter Frost
Poem September 2003 Jungle
Poem September 2003 Rose Bouquet
Poem October 2003 The Price of Freedom
Poem October 2003 Early in The Morning
Poem October 2003 No Doubt
Poem October 2003 Rat Poisoning
Poem November 2003 Rainy Day
Poem November 2003 Freedom To Vote
Poem November 2003 Gulls
Poem November 2003 As Long As I Am Hurting
Poem November 2003 Listening To An Indian Flute
Poem December 2003 Veterans Day
Poem December 2003 In Defense of Vanity
Poem December 2003 How Can I Say No?
Poem December 2003 Autumn Dress Code
Poem January 2004 Pencil Stubs
Poem January 2004 Scato-Logical
Poem January 2004 Basking in Each Other's Presence
Poem January 2004 Each Day's A Gift
Poem January 2004 Step By Step
Poem January 2004 Clouds
Poem February 2004 A Passenger Pigeon Egg In Texas
Poem February 2004 Deja Vu
Poem February 2004 Mixed Inheritance
Poem February 2004 The Playful Cat
Poem February 2004 Rainbow
Poem February 2004 Hello, Stranger!
Poem March 2004 Oatmeal
Poem March 2004 Tales We Tell Ourselves
Poem March 2004 Winging
Poem March 2004 Celery Heart
Poem March 2004 The Wave
Poem April-May 2004 Spring Is Ringing In Again
Poem April-May 2004 Common Courtesy
Poem April-May 2004 A.M. Overture
Poem April-May 2004 Just-Now
Poem April-May 2004 Ten Men In A Truck
Poem April-May 2004 Who Am I?
Poem April-May 2004 Camargo Oklahoma
Poem June 2004 Poet Boy
Poem June 2004 Dream State
Poem June 2004 Poems In My Mind
Poem June 2004 Slowly
Poem June 2004 A Perfect Place
Poem June 2004 Indomitable
Poem June 2004 Shells
Poem July 2004 She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Poem July 2004 When I LookDown
Poem July 2004 Anger
Poem July 2004 When Nefertiti Was Young
Poem July 2004 Dark Garment
Poem July 2004 The Flag at My Doorstep
Poem August 2004 My Soul
Poem August 2004 Fraidy Hole
Poem August 2004 In Love with Life
Poem August 2004 Dugout
Poem August 2004 Doors
Poem August 2004 Dance
Poem September 2004 Abelias
Poem September 2004 It’s Pretty Easy to Amaze Me
Poem September 2004 Midnight Marauder
Poem September 2004 Paint Creek Site
Poem September 2004 Some People Say Life Begins At 40
Poem September 2004 Strip Pits Near Frontenac
Poem September 2004 Southern Autumn
Poem October 2004 After the Dark
Poem October 2004 Subtle Thoughts
Poem October 2004 Never Name It
Poem October 2004 Duet of Singing Poems
Poem October 2004 Firemen
Poem October 2004 Salix Babylonica
Poem November 2004 True Love is like a Fine Perfume
Poem November 2004 Pinocchio
Poem November 2004 Tree Secrets Revealed
Poem November 2004 Dream On
Poem November 2004 Voting Day
Poem November 2004 Sunday in The Park 1944
Poem December 2004 One More Winter
Poem December 2004 Forgiveness
Poem December 2004 Petrified Wood
Poem December 2004 Winter Doesn't Have A Texas Address
Poem December 2004 Pebbles
Poem December 2004 Migration
Poem January 2005 Memory
Poem January 2005 Mr. FIXIT
Poem January 2005 Rowboat
Poem January 2005 Hello, Myself!
Poem January 2005 Driving To Darrouzett
Poem January 2005 Snowfall
Poem February 2005 Imagining Spring
Poem February 2005 This Is January
Poem February 2005 Acequia
Poem February 2005 Red Bluff
Poem February 2005 Sunbonnets
Poem February 2005 Giving Up On Life Is Not For Me
Poem March 2005 Squares
Poem March 2005 Teakettle
Poem March 2005 Wonderful Planet
Poem March 2005 A Single Feather
Poem March 2005 Stranded
Poem March 2005 Will
Poem April 2005 Bizarre Gardening Accident
Poem April 2005 Rocks
Poem April 2005 Tree Climbing
Poem April 2005 The Driveway at The Aransas Princess
Poem April 2005 April Fool
Poem April 2005 Stack Boy
Poem May 2005 Teacher
Poem May 2005 Almost Every Night
Poem May 2005 Back To The Roost
Poem May 2005 Favor De No Moleste
Poem May 2005 Bitter Harvest
Poem May 2005 Canadian
Poem June 2005 Shotgun Shack
Poem June 2005 Turkish Moon
Poem June 2005 Rescued Roses
Poem June 2005 The Easy Stuff
Poem June 2005 The World Like An Enameled Panel
Poem June 2005 Blessed Are The Peacemakers
Poem July 2005 Behind The Curtain
Poem July 2005 Seeing God
Poem July 2005 Voices FromThePast
Poem July 2005 The Wind Is Silent
Poem July 2005 Oh God of Hurricanes
Poem August 2005 Prairie Fires
Poem August 2005 Big Date
Poem August 2005 Worm
Poem August 2005 Wagon Train
Poem August 2005 Love Song #37
Poem August 2005 Egret Crossing A Pond
Poem September 2005 GENESIS IV
Poem September 2005 Fragments
Poem September 2005 Old Bear
Poem September 2005 Dad's Boat
Poem September 2005 Thirty-eight Years Ago Tonight
Poem September 2005 Possum at Twilight
Poem October 2005 With Every Breath I Take
Poem October 2005 Shoes
Poem October 2005 Existential
Poem October 2005 In Love With The Earth
Poem October 2005 Don't Go To Sleep Mad
Poem October 2005 Sweet Lemons
Poem November 2005 Waiting For Spring Rolls
Poem November 2005 They Sleepeth
Poem November 2005 After The Rain
Poem November 2005 Armstrong's
Poem November 2005 First Frost
Poem November 2005 Anna's Smile
Poem December 2005 Eating Meditation
Poem December 2005 Don't Be Fooled By The Sunshine
Poem December 2005 Dry Country Funeral
Poem December 2005 Passwords
Poem December 2005 Crossword
Poem December 2005 Keeping Christmas
Poem January 2006 If Time Is Like A River
Poem January 2006 Fighting The Demon Disappointment
Poem January 2006 Good Neighbors
Poem January 2006 Ghosts
Poem January 2006 Thumbnail Sketch
Poem January 2006 Treetop
Poem February 2006 Uncle Pete
Poem February 2006 The Year We Had A Crazy Neighbor
Poem February 2006 Daniel Boone and Me
Poem February 2006 Like Monkeys At The Zoo
Poem February 2006 What is it about Cats
Poem February 2006 Crinoid
Poem March 2006 Black Nights
Poem March 2006 Possibilities
Poem March 2006 I Live in A Body of Water
Poem March 2006 The Buffalo Hunter
Poem March 2006 Playing with Sun Perch
Poem March 2006 Free Speech
Poem April 2006 Cimarron, New Mexico
Poem April 2006 Night
Poem April 2006 Lobster Boys
Poem April 2006 Incremental
Poem April 2006 KV63
Poem April 2006 Bobcat
Poem May 2006 Carnegie Library
Poem May 2006 Memories And Observations
Poem May 2006 Moonwatch
Poem May 2006 The Pool
Poem May 2006 Trails
Poem May 2006 Brooklyn Memories, Summer 1968
Poem June 2006 65
Poem June 2006 Palanquin
Poem June 2006 There's An Air Pollution Watch of Level Orange Today
Poem June 2006 KimKim Walks by Herself
Poem June 2006 Life Class
Poem June 2006 1938
Poem July 2006 You Look Younger!
Poem July 2006 Juggernaut Tires
Poem July 2006 It May Be Time for Service
Poem July 2006 Bright Morning Stars
Poem July 2006 Reunion
Poem July 2006 Dead Hand
Poem August 2006 Another Old Photo In The Album
Poem August 2006 Mrs. K
Poem August 2006 Thirty Nine
Poem August 2006 Two Photographs
Poem August 2006 Butter Would Not Have Melted In My Mouth
Poem August 2006 The Other Edge of Life
Poem Sept & Oct 2006 The Ring
Poem Sept & Oct 2006 Widowmaker
Poem Sept & Oct 2006 Bagworms
Poem Sept & Oct 2006 Ursa
Poem November 2006 Woman in A Blue Dress
Poem November 2006 Garden Shed
Poem November 2006 On The Prairie
Poem November 2006 Riding on The Rock Island Rocket
Poem November 2006 Unholy Trinity
Poem November 2006 Flint Hills
Poem November 2006 Wearing My Cat on My Coat Sleeve
Poem December 2006 Atmospheric
Poem December 2006 I Dreamed An Owl
Poem December 2006 Killdeer Cunning
Poem December 2006 New Orleans 1954
Poem December 2006 Give Humans A Place
Poem December 2006 Mob Rule
Poem January 2007 UPRIVER
Poem January 2007 The Point of Fate
Poem January 2007 I Never Knew My Grandfather
Poem January 2007 Hay
Poem January 2007 Circle of Beauty
Poem January 2007 Winter Moon
Poem February 2007 I Saw The Wood In Winter
Poem February 2007 If You Have Your Health
Poem February 2007 Real Heroes Aren't So Brave
Poem February 2007 The Jetties
Poem February 2007 Wild Turkeys
Poem February 2007 The Toad
Poem March 2007 Seasonal
Poem April 2007 Alone, And Lonesome
Poem April 2007 Coming Back to Me
Poem April 2007 Body Memory
Poem May 2007 Zhivago's
Poem May 2007 Woo Hoo
Poem May 2007 Window Blinds
Poem May 2007 Why?
Poem May 2007 What Have We Done?
Poem May 2007 Wind
Poem June 2007 Vacation Blues
Poem June 2007 Time
Poem June 2007 Vertebrate Chauvinism
Poem June 2007 The Tree
Poem June 2007 The Stone Shells
Poem June 2007 There Is A Constant Struggle
Poem July 2007 The Distant Misty Moon
Poem July 2007 The All-Nighter
Poem July 2007 The Elm That Shades My House
Poem July 2007 The George and Dragon
Poem July 2007 Old Dog
Poem July 2007 They Gave Their All
Poem August 2007 SAGE
Poem August 2007 Sitting in My Swivel Chair
Poem August 2007 Talking A Tightrope
Poem August 2007 Swenson's Bluff (Blair's Bluff)
Poem August 2007 So Tired
Poem August 2007 I Live With Cats
Poem September 2007 Poet Boy
Poem September 2007 Harsh Lovers
Poem September 2007 Superhero
Poem September 2007 Mound Builders
Poem September 2007 Desk
Poem September 2007 Sick
Poem October 2007 Windbreak
Poem October 2007 Soft Underbelly
Poem October 2007 As Much As Man Can Love A Tomcat
Poem October 2007 Mister Fluffers
Poem October 2007 Rock Solid
Poem October 2007 Cycles
Poem October 2007 Silly Me
Poem November 2007 Hey, It’s Still Me!
Poem November 2007 Willow Whistle
Poem November 2007 The Trainer
Poem November 2007 Taking Grandpa for A Walk
Poem November 2007 Tuxedo Georgie
Poem November 2007 Green Tomato Relish
Poem December 2007 Road Trip
Poem December 2007 Memories Are
Poem December 2007 Last Supper
Poem December 2007 Roots
Poem December 2007 Renewal Rite
Poem December 2007 Operetta
Poem January 2008 Anachronism
Poem January 2008 Turquoise On My Wrist
Poem January 2008 Impeach Earl Warren
Poem January 2008 Grandma Reads To Caitlyn
Poem January 2008 Skipping Rocks
Poem January 2008 Shadow Show
Poem January 2008 My Mother Couldn’t Get A Joke
Poem February 2008 Speaking To My Father
Poem February 2008 New York Winter 1975
Poem February 2008 Hospital
Poem February 2008 Strange Land
Poem February 2008 How Can I Love Thee?
Poem February 2008 Tornado Season
Poem March 2008 Kinda Linda
Poem March 2008 Hi, I Can't Remember Your Name Either
Poem March 2008 Nail-Paring Moon
Poem March 2008 Cypress Hearts
Poem March 2008 Exotica
Poem March 2008 Clarence
Poem April 2008 The Watchers
Poem April 2008 Cat Pan Contemplation
Poem April 2008 A Celebration of Cats
Poem April 2008 For Bobby
Poem April 2008 Maaaaa!
Poem April 2008 What
Poem April 2008 Alexander’s Golden Fleece
Poem May 2008 For Clara's Mother
Poem May 2008 Philip Nolan
Poem May 2008 Wine
Poem May 2008 Beryl
Poem May 2008 Daughter That I Never Had
Poem May 2008 Almond Eyes
Poem June 2008 Payoff
Poem June 2008 Pa Du
Poem June 2008 Grackles Don’t Cuddle
Poem June 2008 Once The Plains Rolled
Poem June 2008 Holy Trinity
Poem June 2008 Noon Gate
Poem June 2008 Madge
Poem July 2008 I’m A Carbon-based Life Form
Poem July 2008 Beelzebub
Poem July 2008 Great Uncle Sid
Poem July 2008 Fourth of July at Grandpa's House
Poem July 2008 Burying Aunt Bill
Poem July 2008 Elms
Poem August 2008 Thanksgiving Highway
Poem August 2008 Sanderlings
Poem August 2008 Digging In The Dirt
Poem August 2008 Plainsong
Poem August 2008 Let Me Smell Your Skin Again
Poem August 2008 Wheatmeal Cookies
Poem September 2008 Egret Light
Poem September 2008 Living On The Surface
Poem September 2008 It Was A Surprise To Me
Poem September 2008 Planting Radishes
Poem September 2008 The Poisoned Well
Poem September 2008 Holy Land
Poem October 2008 Hummingbird
Poem October 2008 The Hawk Ascendant
Poem October 2008 The Hawk
Poem October 2008 Early November
Poem October 2008 Mockingbird
Poem October 2008 Hawk
Poem November 2008 Garfield University
Poem November 2008 Eternity at The Sonic Drive-In
Poem November 2008 Sue
Poem November 2008 Florence
Poem November 2008 Soft Feathers
Poem November 2008 In My Dream
Poem December 2008 Joe's Rat
Poem December 2008 November Garden
Poem December 2008 Vanishing Point
Poem December 2008 Lump In My Throat
Poem December 2008 Cornered
Poem December 2008 Hey There Gracie!
Poem January 2009 2008 Dogwood
Poem January 2009 2008 “Small Crane For Hire”
Poem January 2009 2008 Flood Stage
Poem January 2009 2008 Sputnik
Poem January 2009 2008 A Foggy Morning On The Way To The Dentist
Poem January 2009 2008 Murder In Paradise
Poem February 2009 Uncomfortably Numb
Poem February 2009 The Squirrel Is The Forest
Poem February 2009 Just Around The Corner
Poem February 2009 Blake
Poem February 2009 PC Healthcare
Poem February 2009 Scylla And Charybdis In Texas
Poem March 2009 January 3
Poem March 2009 In The Midnight Forest Of My Mind
Poem March 2009 The First Day Of The Year
Poem March 2009 Coyotes
Poem March 2009 Nerves
Poem March 2009 Bee Ledge
Poem April 2009 False Petals
Poem April 2009 Trout Fishermen
Poem April 2009 Fireflies
Poem April 2009 My Worldarium
Poem April 2009 In The Salt Marsh
Poem April 2009 At Spider Lily Time
Poem May 2009 Snow Globe
Poem May 2009 Word Just In
Poem May 2009 Plum Beautiful
Poem May 2009 Oakheart
Poem May 2009 Ostara
Poem May 2009 4 ½ Acres, Avail.
Poem May 2009 Beau Petit Salon
Poem August 2009 Seventh Street, Lawrence
Poem August 2009 Fourplex Phantom
Poem August 2009 Not Grandma
Poem August 2009 Listening for Thunder
Poem August 2009 Pond
Poem August 2009 Night Garden
Poem September 2009 Quiet Lovely
Poem September 2009 All The Answers
Poem September 2009 Where Does Karma Begin?
Poem September 2009 The Lotos Eaters
Poem September 2009 Night Bloom
Poem September 2009 Poison Picnic
Poem October 2009 In A Persian Garden
Poem October 2009 Car Coat
Poem October 2009 Coronado Heights
Poem October 2009 Rock On!
Poem October 2009 Genuine Unbreakable Ace Hard Rubber Comb
Poem October 2009 Hummer Late September
Article November 2009 The Little Quaker Bear Of The Miami
Poem November 2009 Peripatetic
Poem November 2009 Sail Squirrel
Poem November 2009 It Doesn’t Compute
Poem November 2009 Just Casual
Poem November 2009 Links
Poem November 2009 Fog
Poem December 2009 Extravagant Love Song
Poem December 2009 Lions And Tigers And Bears, Oh My
Poem December 2009 Explosions In The Night
Poem December 2009 My Mozart Rondo
Poem December 2009 Whooping Cranes
Poem December 2009 Ferry At Night, Port Aransas
Column January 2010 2009 Always Looking. . .
Poem January 2010 2009 Wolf
Poem January 2010 2009 Cormorants
Poem January 2010 2009 Basalt
Poem January 2010 2009 How Many?
Poem January 2010 2009 When Baby Sparrows Fall
Poem January 2010 2009 Sand
Column February 2010 2010 Always Looking
Poem February 2010 2010 Saltwater Taffy
Poem February 2010 2010 Star Light
Poem February 2010 2010 Waiting For Granddaughters
Poem February 2010 2010 Sometimes While I Lie Awake
Poem February 2010 2010 Fear
Poem February 2010 2010 February Moon
Column March 2010 Always Looking
Poem March 2010 Limb
Poem March 2010 Old Fence Lizard
Poem March 2010 Pain
Poem March 2010 More Courage Per Square Yard
Poem March 2010 Bricks
Poem March 2010 Haircut
Column April 2010 Always Looking -
Poem April 2010 Insomnia
Poem April 2010 Davis Street
Poem April 2010 Reference Point
Poem April 2010 Bringing Out The Celt In Me
Poem April 2010 Not Too Bad
Poem April 2010 Vanished Houses
Column May and June 2010 Always Looking –
Poem May and June 2010 Hope
Poem May and June 2010 Crinoids
Poem May and June 2010 Confession
Poem May and June 2010 A Hand Up
Poem May and June 2010 A Visit By The Garden God
Poem May and June 2010 Although The Moon Is Full
Poem May and June 2010 Washing My Mother’s Hair
Poem May and June 2010 Brooding
Column July 2010 Always Looking
Poem July 2010 Edging The Grass
Poem July 2010 My White Horse
Poem July 2010 It Isn’t Rocket Science Any More
Poem July 2010 Malas Hierbas
Poem July 2010 Toad Holler
Poem July 2010 You’re Water; I’m Earth
Column August 2010 Always Looking
Poem August 2010 Southern Theater
Poem August 2010 Buzzard House
Poem August 2010 The Green God
Poem August 2010 Zander
Poem August 2010 Actinic Keratosis
Poem August 2010 Old Main Friends University In The Sun
Column September 2010 Always Looking –
Poem September 2010 Enough Is As Good As A Feast
Poem September 2010 The Dead Woodpecker
Poem September 2010 The Neglected Garden
Poem September 2010 Summer Garden
Poem September 2010 Rosewaistis
Poem September 2010 Salathael
Column October 2010 Always Looking –
Poem October 2010 Self Aware
Poem October 2010 Waiting For Autumn
Poem October 2010 Breathe In
Poem October 2010 In Fact, I Am An Island
Poem October 2010 Corresponding With JC
Poem October 2010 Portuguese Man Of War
Column November 2010 Always Looking – Genealogy Wars
Poem November 2010 Center
Poem November 2010 Pillbug
Poem November 2010 Like A Tortoise
Poem November 2010 On Equal Ground
Poem November 2010 Loving
Poem November 2010 How Soon I’ll Forget
Column December 2010 Always Looking –It’s Complicated!
Poem December 2010 Slim
Poem December 2010 Linwood Creamery
Poem December 2010 The Oak There
Poem December 2010 Dad
Poem December 2010 Ishmael The Wasp
Poem December 2010 At The Bottom Of The Well
Poem January 2011 2010 1642 South Washington
Poem January 2011 2010 Sensation
Poem January 2011 2010 Canada Geese
Poem January 2011 2010 Puddle-Seeking Plymouth
Poem January 2011 2010 Endless Trail
Poem January 2011 2010 Looking For The Horse Thief
Column February 2011 Always Looking
Poem February 2011 Marrowbone Spring
Poem February 2011 Alex
Poem February 2011 Uncle William
Poem February 2011 A Post Oak On Matlock Road
Poem February 2011 Sadness at Absence
Poem February 2011 Pear-Shaped
Poem April 2011 Fragrant You
Poem April 2011 Sometimes History's A Ditch
Poem April 2011 Cottonwood
Poem April 2011 My Father Never Spoke of Dreams
Poem April 2011 Aunt Mary
Poem April 2011 Girl with Bows
Poem May 2011 How Comfortable
Poem May 2011 Feeding The Birds by Starlight
Poem May 2011 Hospital Hawks
Poem May 2011 Sometimes The Sun
Poem May 2011 No Leg To Stand On
Poem May 2011 Ramping Up
Poem June 2011 Cuckoo
Poem June 2011 Summer Afternoon
Poem June 2011 Arietta
Poem June 2011 Arkansas River Valley
Poem June 2011 Gecko
Poem June 2011 On Rainy Nights
Poem July-August 2011 The Smell Of New Construction
Poem July-August 2011 Old House
Poem July-August 2011 Not An Exit
Poem July-August 2011 I Cannot Write A Poem
Poem July-August 2011 The Shortest Route
Poem July-August 2011 Bad Poem
Column September 2011 Always Looking -
Poem September 2011 Bird Bath
Poem September 2011 Some Poems Lead Lives Of Their Own
Poem September 2011 Late Summer Moon
Poem September 2011 All My Mothers And My Fathers
Poem September 2011 Dead Tree
Poem September 2011 August Toadsong
Column October 2011 Always Looking –
Poem October 2011 Memory Tree
Poem October 2011 Wild Gourds
Poem October 2011 Marigold
Poem October 2011 For A Dead Friend
Poem October 2011 Neighborhood
Poem October 2011 Much To My Surprise
Column November 2011 Always Looking –
Poem November 2011 Transfer Tango
Poem November 2011 The Gift
Poem November 2011 Cooper’s Hawk
Poem November 2011 October Sunshine
Poem November 2011 Not A Clue
Column December 2011 Always Looking -
Poem December 2011 In This Bite of Time
Poem December 2011 Mid November
Poem December 2011 Oh Cedar
Poem December 2011 Cardinals at Twilight
Poem December 2011 Once More The Moon
Poem December 2011 Assenath And Her Mother
Poem January 2012 2011 Little Victories
Poem January 2012 2011 Trash at Five A.M.
Poem January 2012 2011 A Garden Never is Forever
Poem January 2012 2011 Poet of The Small
Poem January 2012 2011 WinterSpring
Poem January 2012 2011 Taking The Sun in January
Poem February 2012 Gracie Takes It Easy
Poem February 2012 Gracie Takes It Down Court
Poem February 2012 False Economy
Poem February 2012 Numbers
Poem February 2012 Googlemap Dreaming In Lawrence, Kansas
Poem February 2012 Prayer
Column March 2012 Always Looking – Two-Families Love Story
Poem March 2012 In The Dim Garage
Poem March 2012 Goldfinches in January
Poem March 2012 Blessings
Poem March 2012 Levels
Poem March 2012 Dreamy
Poem March 2012 Pain Revisited
Column April 2012 Always Looking –
Poem April 2012 Doors of Time
Poem April 2012 Aylee
Poem April 2012 My Little Secret
Poem April 2012 Caliber
Poem April 2012 Great Grandpa Buck
Poem April 2012 Time/Life
Column May 2012 Always Looking –
Poem May 2012 I’ve Never Seen A Moor
Poem May 2012 Ripples
Poem May 2012 Keys
Poem May 2012 Song Of The Lark
Poem May 2012 O Night Without A Moon
Poem May 2012 Mist
Column June 2012 Always Looking:
Poem June 2012 Anole
Poem June 2012 The Furry Gift
Column July 2012 Always Looking –
Poem July 2012 Papers
Poem July 2012 Young Sparrows at The Water Basins
Poem August 2012 Sometimes at Night
Poem August 2012 Royce Union
Poem August 2012 Found Object
Poem August 2012 The Word Of Praise Cathedral
Poem August 2012 Cross Country
Poem August 2012 Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church
Column September 2012 Always Looking – People Who Made A Difference
Poem September 2012 Sisyphus
Poem September 2012 On A Day Like Today
Poem September 2012 Zander's Dance
Poem September 2012 The Brick Garden
Column October 2012 Always Looking -- People Who Made A Difference, II
Poem Holiday 2012 2012 These Bright November Mornings
Column January 2013 2012 Always Looking -- People Who Made A Difference, III
Poem January 2013 2012 One Bite of Winter
Column February 2013 2013 Always Looking--People Who Made A Difference IV
Poem February 2013 2013 Beauty
Poem February 2013 2013 Melodies And Memories
Column April 2013 Always Looking--People Who Made A Difference V
Poem April 2013 Shadows on the Grass
Poem April 2013 Moonlight
Column May 2013 Always Looking-People Who Made A Difference VI
Poem May 2013 Three Crows Flew Away
Poem May 2013 Goddess
Poem May 2013 Kansas
Poem May 2013 Dance Steps
Poem May 2013 The Finch Flies Up
Poem May 2013 Hawk At My Window
Column June 2013 Always Looking–People Who Made A Difference VII
Column July 2013 Always Looking – People Who Made A Difference VIII
Poem July 2013 Body Functions
Poem July 2013 72
Poem July 2013 Leaves That Move without A Breeze
Column August 2013 Always Looking: People Who Made A Difference IX
Poem August 2013 Fight
Column September 2013 Always Looking: People Who Made A Difference X
Poem September 2013 Half Moon
Poem September 2013 The Importance of Preflights
Column October 2013 Always Looking: People Who Made A Difference XI
Poem October 2013 Barred Owl
Poem October 2013 Summer on My Mind
Column December 2013 Always Looking: People Who Made A Difference XII
Poem December 2013 Small Ashes
Poem December 2013 Staring at My Cane
Column January 2014 Always Looking: People Who Made A Difference XIII
Poem January 2014 Christmas Lizard
Poem January 2014 December Days
Column February 2014 2014 ALWAYS LOOKING – People Who Made A Difference XIV
Poem February 2014 2014 Sneaking A Peek
Poem February 2014 2014 Lines
Poem February 2014 2014 Another Egret Poem
Column March 2014 Always Looking: People Who Made A Difference XV
Poem March 2014 Bee Talk in January
Poem March 2014 Goldfinches at 18°
Poem March 2014 Booklove
Poem March 2014 Listening to The Night
Poem March 2014 Moon Shadow
Column April 2014 Always Looking XVI: Robert Gould Shaw
Poem April 2014 First Rain of Spring
Poem April 2014 Green Song
Poem April 2014 Friends in The Making
Poem April 2014 Fresh Milk
Column May 2014 Always Looking XVII: Mary Rice Livermore
Poem May 2014 Leap of Faith
Poem May 2014 A Box of Rocks
Poem May 2014 Toadsong
Column June 2014 Always Looking
Poem June 2014 Encounter with A Gecko
Poem June 2014 Love Lost
Poem June 2014 All The Lonely People
Poem June 2014 In Love with Flowers
Poem June 2014 At The Sea's Edge
Poem June 2014 This Way to The Egrets
Column July 2014 Always Looking - People Who Made A Difference XIX:
Poem July 2014 MidSummer's Eve 2014
Poem July 2014 June Night
Column August 2014 Always Looking – People Who Made A Difference XX:
Poem August 2014 Summer Hawk
Poem August 2014 Healing
Column September 2014 Always Looking – People Who Made a Difference XXI
Poem September 2014 I Thought You Had Forgot Me
Poem September 2014 What A Child Believes
Column October 2014 Always Looking – People Who Made a Difference XXII
Poem October 2014 This Heart
Poem October 2014 Making A New Garden
Poem October 2014 Dreams of You
Poem October 2014 Keratosis Neurosis
Column November 2014 Always Looking - People Who Made A Difference XXIII
Poem November 2014 Looking at The Night
Poem November 2014 Living Garden
Poem November 2014 Gifts
Poem November 2014 In October
Poem November 2014 Granddaughter
Column December 2014 Always Looking – People Who Made A Difference XXIV
Poem December 2014 Kieffers
Poem December 2014 Not Alone
Poem December 2014 I Cling to Life
Column January 2015 2014 Always Looking – People Who Made A Difference XXV
Poem January 2015 2014 Another Cold December Day
Poem January 2015 2014 V
Poem January 2015 2014 The Darkness
Column February 2015 Always Looking – People Who Made A Difference XXVI
Poem February 2015 January John
Column March 2015 Always Looking – People Who Made A Difference XXVII
Poem March 2015 Friendly
Poem March 2015 If Life Were Simple
Column April 2015 Always Looking – People Who Made A Difference XXVIII
Poem April 2015 Tall
Poem April 2015 Possum
Poem April 2015 Grackle
Column May 2015 Always Looking – People Who Made A Difference IXX
Poem May 2015 I Do Not Dare
Column June 2015 Always Looking – People Who Made A Difference XXX
Poem June 2015 Reality Check
Poem June 2015 Cattle Egrets
Poem June 2015 What Could Be More Antithetical
Poem June 2015 Geckos in The Garden Shed
Poem July-August 2015 Vacant
Poem October 2015 Another Dream of Her
Poem October 2015 Early Autumn
Poem November 2015 Woodpecker
Poem January 2016 2015 The Age Of Loneliness
Poem January 2016 2015 PICC Line
Poem January 2016 2015 21rst Century Druids
Poem February 2016 2016 Perspective
Poem February 2016 2016 January Roses
Poem February 2016 2016 Bitterness at Life
Poem March 2016 Quince Blossoms
Poem April 2016 Skater
Poem June 2016 We Agreed
Poem June 2016 Happiness
Poem June 2016 Endgame
Poem June 2016 NORTH, SOUTH (EAST, WEST)
Poem August 2016 When Trees Sing
Poem August 2016 Fourth of July at Grandpa’s House
Poem August 2016 Hummingbird Season
Poem August 2016 A Poem for A Day without Poetry
Poem August 2016 These Old Hands
Poem August 2016 Squirrels at My Window
Poem August 2016 In High Summer
Poem September 2016 Fennel
Poem September 2016 Watching
Poem September 2016 Night Breeze
Poem September 2016 Halfmoon Tonight
Poem September 2016 Some Day
Poem September 2016 Wrong
Poem October 2016 Tonight
Poem October 2016 Moment by Moment
Poem October 2016 Full Moon Tonight
Poem October 2016 Ival Is My Name
Poem October 2016 Things My Father Touched
Poem October 2016 Piano at 75
Poem October 2016 Repeatedly
Poem November 2016 Another Night without A Moon
Poem November 2016 Headache
Poem November 2016 Aledo's Faith
Poem November 2016 The Moon Wanes
Poem November 2016 Mars by Starlight
Poem November 2016 Two Poems
Poem December 2016 Books
Poem December 2016 Cousins
Poem December 2016 Watering Flowers at Midnight
Poem December 2016 You Who Went Before
Poem December 2016 Love Spoken Here
Poem December 2016 Soil
Poem January 2017 Riding Down The Highway
Poem January 2017 More Than I Can Know
Poem January 2017 Time for Love
Poem January 2017 Sitting in The Night Alone
Poem January 2017 Feeding Birds
Poem January 2017 Full Moon and Empty Night
Poem February 2017 2017 Rose Pavonia
Poem February 2017 2017 Procyon Lotor
Poem February 2017 2017 Night Sky
Poem February 2017 2017 Reading With My Granddaughters
Poem February 2017 2017 Feed And Thrive
Poem February 2017 2017 Damned if You Do and Damned if You Don’t
Poem March 2017 2017 Autumn Bulbs
Poem March 2017 2017 If Trees Sleep
Poem March 2017 2017 Needing People
Poem March 2017 2017 Nothing Interesting
Poem March 2017 2017 Driving The Streets of Camargo In My Mind
Poem March 2017 2017 Uncomfortably Numb (Again)
Poem AprMay 2017 Sunshine
Poem AprMay 2017 At First Glance
Poem AprMay 2017 Sitting at Their Feet
Poem AprMay 2017 One O’clock In The Morning
Poem AprMay 2017 Zandrt Sleeping
Poem AprMay 2017 Blessed Understanding
Poem June 2017 Three Wires
Poem June 2017 Goldenrod
Poem June 2017 Primal Cold
Poem June 2017 Garden Ghost
Poem June 2017 Running The Field
Poem June 2017 T Shirt Ritual
Poem July 2017 Stress
Poem July 2017 Basil Bee
Poem July 2017 Goldenrod Late September
Poem July 2017 Last Day of November
Poem July 2017 Look at This Girl
Poem July 2017 Sitting on The Rail
Poem August 2017 Waco Zoo July 2017
Poem August 2017 Fifty Years
Poem August 2017 Fine Leaves
Poem August 2017 Pain 2017
Poem August 2017 Old Moon
Poem August 2017 A Time for Goodbyes
Poem September 2017 Sunny Mornings
Poem September 2017 New Year
Poem October 2017 Appearances
Poem October 2017 Hearth
Poem October 2017 Waxing Moon
Poem October 2017 Greeting The Morning Sun
Poem October 2017 Naren
Poem November 2017 October
Poem November 2017 Autumn Arriving
Poem November 2017 The Gifts
Poem November 2017 November 1
Poem November 2017 October Rain
Poem December 2017 Extravagant Moon Poem
Poem December 2017 November Celebration
Poem December 2017 Hawk Day
Poem December 2017 Death
Poem December 2017 How Many
Poem December 2017 Sometimes
Poem January 2018 2017 Book Love Lost
Poem January 2018 2017 Early December Night
Poem January 2018 2017 I Sail Alone Within My Skin
Poem January 2018 2017 A Panda in My Parlor
Poem January 2018 2017 Masked Face
Poem January 2018 2017 I Bless The Sight
Poem February 2018 2018 Memories
Poem February 2018 2018 Coping
Poem February 2018 2018 Anniversary
Poem February 2018 2018 The Strip Pits
Poem February 2018 2018 Primal Scream
Poem February 2018 2018 The Towhee and The Mockingbird
Poem March 2018 Toadsong in February
Poem March 2018 Still Feeding Birds
Poem March 2018 Epiphany on Davis Drive
Poem March 2018 Smile
Poem March 2018 Dry Eyes
Poem March 2018 Vampire
Poem April 2018 Hello Quince
Poem April 2018 God’s Image
Poem April 2018 What A Trip It Has Been
Poem April 2018 Planting Wood Phlox
Poem April 2018 Squirrels Climbing
Poem April 2018 Strangers on A Path
Poem May 2018 Idea
Poem May 2018 Spider in the Bathtub
Poem May 2018 Concentrated
Poem May 2018 I Brake for Squirrels
Poem May 2018 The Dead Finch
Poem May 2018 Miracle
Poem June 2018 A Friend from Egypt
Poem June 2018 Beheading Sages
Poem June 2018 Panda Leanne
Poem June 2018 Dinosaurs Had Thunderstorms
Poem June 2018 Treats
Poem June 2018 Finch at My Window Feeder
Poem July 2018 Crepe Myrtle
Poem July 2018 Consciousness
Poem July 2018 The Choice
Poem July 2018 Moon and Evening Star
Poem July 2018 On The Steps
Poem July 2018 Blessed
Poem August 2018 Motivity
Poem August 2018 Routine
Poem August 2018 Two Sisters
Poem August 2018 Lace Curtains
Poem August 2018 Patio Cat
Poem August 2018 When Zander Snuggles Up
Poem September 2018 When A Gnat Dies
Poem September 2018 People Who Smile
Poem September 2018 Jewels of Opar
Poem September 2018 Mars Summer 2018
Poem September 2018 When I Allow It
Poem September 2018 Distant Thunder
Poem October 2018 Equinox 2018
Poem October 2018 I Looked on The Moon
Poem October 2018 Laugh Track
Poem October 2018 A Better Story
Poem October 2018 Table
Poem November 2018 Beneath My Feet
Poem November 2018 As Days Grow Dark
Poem November 2018 Like A Tiny Dinosaur
Poem December 2018 Great Grandpa William
Poem December 2018 We Have A Flag
Poem December 2018 Possums in The Rain
Poem December 2018 Facts
Poem December 2018 In Mid November
Poem December 2018 Music
Poem January 2019 2018 At November’s End
Poem January 2019 2018 The Secret
Poem January 2019 2018 Looking for Brilliance
Poem January 2019 2018 There You Sit
Poem February 2019 Lookee !!
Poem February 2019 ZigZag
Poem February 2019 Four Hawks
Poem February 2019 Three Friends
Poem February 2019 FatCat Possum
Poem March 2019 The Conversation
Poem March 2019 Dandelions
Poem April 2019 Earthen House
Poem April 2019 White
Poem April 2019 March Cypress
Poem April 2019 Four A.M.
Poem April 2019 Surprise Poppies
Poem April 2019 Crossing Over
Poem May 2019 Sometimes When There's Smoke
Poem May 2019 Minion Ball
Poem May 2019 World Tree
Poem May 2019 Patio Cat Is Growing Fat
Poem June 2019 Ants
Poem June 2019 Waiting for Tornadoes
Poem June 2019 Primroses in The Grass
Poem June 2019 Drive By
Poem June 2019 Blackie
Poem June 2019 Dreams
Poem July 2019 Prometheus
Poem July 2019 Misty You
Poem August 2019 Sitting on The Steps
Poem August 2019 Small Wonder
Poem August 2019 Speaking
Poem September 2019 Need
Poem September 2019 Pointer
Poem September 2019 Each Hour
Poem October 2019 Birdbath
Poem October 2019 Garden of Possibilities
Poem October 2019 Clouds by Moonlight
Poem November 2019 Autumn 2019
Poem November 2019 I Dreamt of Goldfinches
Poem November 2019 Golden Days
Poem December 2019 Confession
Poem December 2019 Golden Eyes
Poem January 2020 2019 The Glass Door
Poem January 2020 2019 Perennial
Poem January 2020 2019 Undeliverable
Poem February 2020 My Dreams
Poem March 2020 Deaf Love
Poem March 2020 Daffodil
Poem March 2020 Moving Moon
Article April 2020 Easter Picnics in Camargo
Poem April 2020 First Butterfly
Poem April 2020 Easter 2020
Poem April 2020 Coronavirus 2020
Poem May 2020 Nothing Lasts
Poem May 2020 To Bloom Once Again
Poem May 2020 Books In The Background
Column June 2020 View from My Back Steps
Poem June 2020 Iantha Memorial Day
Poem June 2020 Thoughts and Deeds
Poem June 2020 Love and Laughter
Poem June 2020 Snuggle Cat
Column July 2020 View from My Back Steps
Poem July 2020 Cat Behind Glass
Poem July 2020 How Often
Column August 2020 View From My Back Steps
Poem August 2020 A Yogurt Ritual
Poem August 2020 Morning Alarm
Column September 2020 View From My Back Steps
Poem September 2020 Midnight Bathers
Poem September 2020 Longwood
Column October 2020 View from My Back Steps
Poem October 2020 Another Cat and Window Poem
Poem October 2020 Little Miracles
Column November 2020 View from My Back Steps
Poem November 2020 Sunflower
Poem November 2020 The Cat's Meow
Column December 2020 View from My Back Steps
Poem December 2020 Damaged Dogwood
Poem December 2020 Virtual Reunion
Column January2021 2020 View from My Back Steps
Poem January2021 2020 Winter Branches
Poem January2021 2020 Two Plastic Pans
Column February 2021 2021 View from My Back Steps
Poem February 2021 2021 Tabletop Tumulus
Column March 2021 View from My Back Steps
Poem March 2021 Blizzard 2021
Column April 2021 View from My Back Steps
Poem April 2021 Spring 2021
Poem April 2021 Moving Pots, Making Choices
Column May 2021 View from My Back Steps
Poem May 2021 Reading The Morning E-Mail
Column June 2021 The View from My Back Steps
Poem June 2021 Sugar Ants
Poem June 2021 On Turning 80
Column July 2021 View from My Back Steps
Poem July 2021 Plum Tree
Column August 2021 View from My Back Steps
Poem August 2021 Life Cycle
Column September 2021 View from My Back Steps
Poem September 2021 Plans
Column October 2021 View from My Back Steps
Poem October 2021 Unwelcome Immigrants
Poem November 2021 Wrens
Article December 2021 Music and The Blairs
Poem January 2022 2021 Responsibility
Poem January 2022 2021 What's Afoot, Sherlock?
Poem January 2022 2021 Raccoons on Parade
Poem February 2022 The Holly As Tall As The House
Poem March 2022 Patio Cat's Adventure
Poem April 2022 I Am Only Talking to My Cat Today
Poem May 2022 Dead Possum
Poem August 2022 Dawn Watcher
Poem August 2022 Urban Coyote
Poem August 2022 Anole on The Driveway
Column September 2022 View from My Back Steps
Poem September 2022 Poetry
Article October 2022 Queen Elizabeth II and Other Rulers
Poem January 2023 2022 Taking The Sun in January
Poem January 2023 2022 This Is January
Poem March 2023 Cedar Waxwings
Poem March 2023 Sometimes The Moon
Poem April 2023 The Cruelest Month
Poem April 2023 Mornings
Poem May 2023 Mock Oranges
Poem June 2023 Old Garden
Poem June 2023 Payback
Poem July 2023 A Texas Summer
Poem September 2023 Time to Laugh
Poem September 2023 Some Thoughts Enter My Brain by The Back Door
Poem September 2023 Even A Snake Plant Sometimes Blooms
Poem September 2023 Texas Summer
Poem October 2023 Jenny Wren
Poem November 2023 Flame Acanthus
Poem December 2023 When Roses Bloom in December
Poem December 2023 Winter Doesn't Have A Texas Address
Poem December 2023 Keeping Christmas
Poem January 2024 2023 Taking The Sun in January
Poem January 2024 2023 If Time Is Like A River
Poem January 2024 2023 Hay
Poem January 2024 2023 Sputnik
Poem February 2024 Counting The Flower Buds
Poem February 2024 Pencil Stubs
Poem February 2024 Hello, Stranger
Poem February 2024 Rainbow
Poem March 2024 Comfortable With Myself
Poem March 2024 Cedar Waxwings
Poem April 2024 Mixed Inheritance
Poem April 2024 Sailing Around The World In My Chair
Poem April 2024 Deja Vu
Poem April 2024 Ten Men In A Truck
Poem May-Jun 2024 Honeysuckle Nights
Poem May-Jun 2024 My Old Cat
Poem May-Jun 2024 Snake
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