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By John I. Blair

What a rush!
In the heat of a wild episode,
One where I was a superhero
And braced to face
My ultimate nemesis,
A thump! A crumple!

I found myself, not in a dark alley
About to engage in frantic fisticuffs,
But sprawled on the floor
In the narrow space
Between my bed and dresser,
Head half in a wastebasket.

I woke up almost instantly,
As my wife called
“Are you okay?”
What a letdown! What relief!
(I feared my foe
Had landed the first blow.)

Maybe I should reconsider
My career as famous superhero
And be content
With shining as a local star.
The odds could be as high for getting hurt,
But my dignity might stay safer.

®2003 John I. Blair

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