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Word Just In

By John I. Blair

Word just in
That a friend Iíve never seen
Came home Ė
A bag of medicines in hand,
Cannula up his nose,
Restrictions on his life,
But home.

Every year, each month,
Another slows, stops,
Occasionally drops.

Time catches us, and luck;
We all grow older;
Iím on the list.

Recalling youth
Can seem a curse;
Invidious comparisons
Between today
And what I used to do.

Better far, I know,
To take each hour as new,
Fresh delight, unique;
Be reborn in every moment.

How grand that I can see at all,
Hear more than just a bit,
Taste, smell, touch my love
And hold her by my side!

©2009 John I. Blair

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