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Alone, And Lonesome

By John I. Blair

Alone, and lonesome,
I skulk into the hollow house,
Empty of other souls (unless cats count,
Which I think you would insist);
Empty at least for me
With you not here.

I feel as hollow as the house,
For no excess of petting purring fur
Replaces touching skin to
Tender skin;
No meal, however savory,
Pleases me without you
There to share it;
And my lonely bed,
Too wide now by half,
Slowly loses your aroma.

Though I know you will return,
No date however close
But seems forever
Without you this is half a house
And I am half a man.

2005 John I. Blair

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Name: Bruce Clifford Email:
Comment: Dear John and Clara, As you know, my continued prayers and thoughts go out to you and to Clara. As you know, I have been including the two of you on my friend Dave Davies "Spiritual Planet" website as a way to send out possitive energy to you and Clara. Bruce



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