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Comfortable With Myself

By John I. Blair

My soft-bellied, bulgy, bony self
Caused me grief when I was young.
Shy beyond belief, I hid,
Sure I was gross, awkward, fat.

Today Iíve survived the awkwardness.
At times Iím gross indeed, no doubt,
But at my age Iím at peace with that.
At my age Iím just glad Iím here.

Now when I look into a mirror
I pause to smile at what I see,
Long since rid of my fear, no more
Hostage to anotherís tongue.

Iíve no one to answer to but me,
No one else to live up toó
And though a hard critic I can be,
Of critics Iím the quickest to forgive.

©2003 John I. Blair  

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Comment: beautiful one!!liked the theme



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