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Fighting The Demon Disappointment

By John I. Blair

Anticipation is a heady fix,
Crackling with excitement, hope,
Faith in future possibilities.

As a source of energy
It can be wonderful.

But its darker side,
The side that sours existence,
Murders sleep, poisons the well,
Is disappointment,
The demon that flaps in
When things as planned donít happen.

The only remedy, the only shield
Is never to forget
That reality is now, this moment;
The rest is dreams or fading memories.

Cherish the precious present-tense
And donít let might-have-been
Destroy your joy.

©2004 John I. Blair  

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Reader Comments

Name: Terry Finley Email:
Comment: Good point. Thanks.



Name: Bruce Clifford Email:
Comment: It is a joy to ready this. YES, cherish all that is 'now'! Bruce



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