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Sometimes at Night

By John I. Blair

Sometimes at night
I step out on the deck
Behind our house,
Silently shut the door,
Glance shyly up
At all the glowing stars
Above the tracery of trees
And take a thoughtful walk
Into the darkened yard.

I find my way
Along the weathered path
That splits the garden
Half from half,
Legs brushing
Pots of herbs, flowers,
Feet feeling bumps
And rough spots
On the mossy bricks.

And then the path
Abruptly stops, unfinished,
Blocked by piled materials
That many months
Iíve neither touched nor cared
To use, held back by pain,
By indecisiveness.
I stand there
As if looking at my life,

Knowing the parts
Are still at hand, the plans.
I ought to start again,
Complete the pattern
That I hold within my heart,
Frame the peaceful space
I had intended as my goal,
My roadís end, my resting place.
But choose to wait for light.

©2007 John I. Blair

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