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Sparrow Nest

By John I. Blair

The sparrows’ giddy enthusiasm
For endless mating
Makes them see the sloping shingles
Over the patio door
As a perfect platform for nest building.
Straw, grass, plastic, rags,
Flower stalks, fur,
All get dragged across the lawn
And up the house side
To be jammed among the
Rest of the mess—
Beautiful in bird brains as
Superb spring housing.
Then begins egg hatching
In the heart of the bulging bundle.
Many roll and go
Splat on the concrete six feet below;
Occasionally the entire nest
Slides suddenly free,
Spends a moment in the air
And startles a lunching squirrel
When it lands.
But sometimes even
Silly birds get it right
And shelter naked nestlings
Snug from storms
Until it’s time for flight.

* * *

Only I lament awhile
The flight school failures
Who crash onto the steps
And give them decent burial
In the compost pile.

©2002 John I. Blair  

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