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Needing People

By John I. Blair

As I hear the song
People who need people
Are the lucky ones.

If thatís the case
Then in this world
I am the luckiest.

I spend my days at home
With cats as mates;
They donít talk much.

And talk is what I need,
So badly
Iíll start a conversation

With the yardman, the librarian,
The checker at the store,
The woman next to me in line.

My motivation
For going out
Is not the things; itís people.

Iíll yank weeds, sell books,
Stare at modern art,
Dine in restless rooms

Just for the people Ė
People I can chat with
Till their eyes glaze

. Because, sadly,
Iím not sufficient company
For myself.

©2016 John I. Blair, 10/27/2016

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