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Sitting on The Steps

By John I. Blair

Sitting on the dusty steps
I feel the radiating heat
From sun-soaked cement

Toasting my body,
Soothing old bones,
Reminding me

I am the universe’s child
Like butterflies and birds,
Flowers and trees.

Everything I see
Links me to life –
Ants parading by,

Bees buzzing, finches
Foraging in feeders,
Squirrels rummaging

In goldenrods, grapevines.
Sometimes I’m moved
To water wilting plants,

Shift caterpillars
Nearer to their leaf supply,
Play at being god.

On this glowing patio
I might pass for god.
I only pray I merit trust.

©2019 John I. Blair, 7/24/2019

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