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Walking At Night

By John I. Blair


I go walking at night.
               I put on my shorts, my shirt, my shoes,
               And step outside into the dark.
               Starting, my joints and muscles hurt,
               But as I walk they come to right
               So every step forward hits the mark.
               In summer, night birds cry in the trees.
               In winter, the stars shine very bright.
I go walking at night.
               Each time I walk the self-same route,
               Taking me first across the street,
               Around the corner, past the light.
               The locusts may buzz and dogs may bark;
               The neighbors may wonder what I am about,
               But I just keep on walking with my feet
               Hoping they won't find me out.
I go walking at night
               And all my worries come along.
               I turn them over in my mind,
               Seeking resolution, absolution,
               Seeking whatever I can find
               As I take one step after another
               On my rough and treacherous path,
               Wishing I had more information.
I go walking at night.
               At first I get farther away from home,
               Going past places I've never been,
               Houses I'm never invited in,
               Walking in the dark, alone.
               But then, at the limits of my turn,
               I find myself coming back again,
               Completing a circle to my own.
I go walking at night.  

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