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Wheatmeal Cookies

By John I. Blair

“Would you like a wheatmeal cookie?”
I asked, then had to explain
What a wheatmeal cookie was.

It was 1964; I was helping a
Kansas Wheat Commission promotion
By baking endless trays of oily rolled-wheat cookies
And wishing the excess off on hungry college friends
At the student union coffee shop.

But she was not a friend; instead
A strangely attractive
Newcomer to the coffee group,
Slightly exotic in her New York ways
With her Brooklyn accent.

Why did I feel so diffident and shy
Offering her my home-made cookies? Why
Did I rather more than usual
Want her to stay there for a while
And maybe have a cup of the
Awful student union coffee
With me?

I had never felt this way before
About a female, girl-type person.

And so, with my usual grace,
I offered her the cookies,
Chattered inanely
And then, half an hour later,
Studiously ignored her in the elevator.

Almost needless to say,
We’ve been married since 1967.

© 2002 John I. Blair

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