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Rat Poisoning

By John I. Blair

For years I've fed our backyard birds
From bins above my patio,
Letting the excess fall below,
Largesse for squirrels, sparrows, doves.

I like to play lord bountiful;
But some visitors I don't desire,
Plague vectors, filth distributors,
Voracious, destructive beyond words.

For them I play the vengeful god,
Laying bait to lure and kill
These guests who, although they don't trust,
At least don't fear me very much.

Because I want their fate to be
As quick and neat as I can create,
My logical mind will concentrate
On bait choice, placement, strategy.

But my illogical mind will skate
Between disgust, remorse, regret-
All the moods that make me hate
What logic now has led me to.

2002 John I. Blair  

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