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How Can I Love Thee?

By John I. Blair

(For a friend)

How can I love thee?
I must find the ways.

When your boiling anger
Drives you ranting down the hall
I think of all the loss and pain
That’s been your grant in life.

When you try to domineer
In your “my way or the highway” mode,
I think of all the searing deeds
That have been visited upon your body.

When you want to rush,
Not letting people take their time,
I think of cancer you have pushed past twice
And maybe will not beat again.

And when you seem insensitive,
Cold, unfeeling, all I need to do
Is document how overpaid you are
At taking care of others needs.

How I can love thee, on bitter days,
Becomes a test of memory.

©2004 John I. Blair

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