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Spring Is Ringing In Again

By John I. Blair

Spring is ringing in again! A soft breeze
Swings the windchimes hanging by my gate.
Daffodils, which just a month ago
Hoisted little caps of compost,
Are golden now. The blooming elms
Serve salad to some scampy squirrels
Who barrel from branch to branch.
Out front I inventory crocuses,
Brilliant amethysts and citrines
Cupped in sprays of emerald leaves,
Displayed on tawny turf.
A woodpecker with orange-naped neck
Tocks unceasingly on resonating trees.
Wrens babble, the sleepy cats
Slowly chase pools of sunshine
Across my open windows. Iím alive!
And the slightest whiff of hyacinths
Would, I know, lead me to levitate.


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