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Playing with Sun Perch

By John I. Blair

Wed go fishing in the Flint Hills,
A rock-ribbed land of grass
Where streams ran clear
And Dad would spend all day
Stalking wily bass;
But I chose a different game.

Each crystal pool embraced
A sun perch family, half-tame,
Pretty things and brave
As, blinded by the light,
They couldnt see me
Looming in the air above.

Id lure them out of safety
With a rubber worm,
Tease them with a wiggly dance
Of food they couldnt eat
The worm as large as they;
Id only rarely use a hook.

I much preferred to play,
Fool them to believing
In bounty from the sky;
And sometimes, just to prove
I could, Id pull one out
To gasp upon the bank.

Only after growing older
Did I learn to question
The theology implied.

2006 John I. Blair

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