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Step By Step

By John I. Blair

It might make one believe devoutly
In miracles or the power of evolution
That an awkward, upright, fragile
Human like me can walk,
Can step from point to point upon a street-
So marvelous a mobility solution
The sight of it should amaze,
Dumbfound, and delight;
And yet, we barely notice.

Only the very young,
Who must practice how to walk,
Or the crippled or the very old,
Who are losing the ability,
Focus their attention, study details,
The careful placement of the feet,
Flexing of the arches and the toes,
Wiggling the joints, angling the knees,
Linking brain with muscles and with tendons.

It's only when we have to stop and think
That the wonder is apparent.

2003 John I. Blair  

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