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Young Sparrows at The Water Basins

By John I. Blair

On our rustic deck
Fronting a flowerpot phalanx
Two big plastic basins
Are kept abrim with clear water,
Freshened every night
So birds and squirrels
Will not go thirsty
These scorching summer days.

This morning
Looking from the kitchen window
I watched while four young sparrows
Just barely capable of flight
Danced along the rim of one,
Chirping cheekily to no one in particular
And, from time to time,
Dipping down to drink.

How easy it can be
To make the world a better place,
At least when acting one on one,
Or in this case one on four.
I donít seek praise;
Itís not a race. But on a scale
Of one to ten, I think
This vision rated very high.

©2012 John I. Blair

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