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Big Date

By John I. Blair

It was perhaps the most
Romantic night
I had ever had in my
Young life till then. We both
Dressed up and went to
Kansas City, bent on
Painting the town red. First a
Fancy meal at the
Top of the Tower restaurant. We
Marveled through the big
Plate-glass windows at the
Airport lights across the
Missouri, ate
Italian food and drank real
Galliano from tall,
Skinny glasses
Just like in the
Magazine ads. I
Tipped the waiter a whole
Dollar to show you I was
Serious. Then we
Strolled down Main Street to the
Magnificent Midland Theater,
Featuring an exclusive six-month run of
The Sound of Music
Starring Julie Andrews.
We, however, weren’t going to see that
Crass, popular movie (which we’d both have
Loved); instead I took you to the
Art theater in the Midland’s
Basement to see
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, with
Catherine Deneuve as the girl. It was
So sweet and sad a story I got
Misty eyed and felt even more
Romantic than before.
You, however, just got
Annoyed at the girl’s being such a
Sap for trusting the
Handsome auto mechanic and
Even more annoyed later when I said
Goodnight but forgot about the
Kiss part, evidently leaving it in my
Imagination instead of putting it on your
Lips where it belonged.

©2002 John I. Blair  

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