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Turkish Moon

By John I. Blair

When I looked up from my driveway
At six oíclock this morning
(I was setting out the trash for early pickup),
Over the house, beyond the treetops
Gleamed a bright and crescent moon
And beside the moon a brilliant star.

I knew Iíd seen this somewhere else,
Some place that didnít reek of garbage;
And sure enough, checking later,
I found the selfsame pair,
The crescent moon and star,
Floating on the Turkish flag.

So there Iíd been, in my ragged shorts,
On a trash-day pilgrimage of sorts,
Transfixed and bedazzled
By emblems of a place Iíve only dreamed about,
Land of sultans, emperors, Ephesus, Byzantium,
The siege and fall of Troy.

How unexpectedly the glamour of romance
Can sweeten our meager lives . . .
But often at such inappropriate times!

©2003 John I. Blair  

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