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When I LookDown

By John I. Blair

When I look down
At my ruddy, freckled arm
(Decorated for today
With a shiny gold and silver watch
And a bracelet from my wife),
I notice all the harm
That time and accident and wear
Have worked upon it.

Like a diary of my days
This arm of mine has entries
From each time Iíve strayed
Out of shade and into sun,
From recent run-ins
With roses in my yard,
From last night when I bumped
Into my dresser in the dark.

Some students will take notes
Upon their palms with pens
To lead them through exams.
I use my old arms much the same;
I inscribe them every year
With marks that, rightly read,
Might stand me in good stead
In the test that is my life.

©2003 John I. Blair  

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