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By John I. Blair

In one ravaged English abbey
Reportedly the ghosts of monks
Slog knee-deep through the sod,
Still performing rites on pavement
At that level when they lived.

Do the ghosts of Caddo warriors
From the village west of town
Dance grimly in the parking lot
Of the gaudy shopping mall
That sits atop their lodge sites?

How can the ghostly lass
In the house just down our street
(Notorious among the locals)
Retain her poise when bratty boys
Run screaming down its hall?

Knowing little spirit lore
I can only hazard guesses
At just what time or place or pass
It gets too daunting
To keep on haunting.

2005 John I. Blair  

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Name: Bruce Clifford Email:
Comment: For some reason I am brought back a couple of months to the end of October. Nice!! Bruce



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