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They Gave Their All

By John I. Blair

(Written for a friend who was there)

Cline, Yamane, Robonson,
Rademacher, Maynard . . .
Twenty years ago they gave their all.
Sent on operation “Urgent Fury”
By Presidential order to Grenada,
These Army Rangers led the way.

Be still a moment, say a prayer, light a candle,
Do what seems appropriate to you.
For even if you don’t agree
With why they went there,
These men fulfilled their duty as they knew it,
And the price to them was life.

Guarding all the frontiers of our freedom
Is a boring, dirty, terrifying job;
And even if our leaders get it wrong,
Even if today’s cause is not just,
For our defenders under arms it makes no difference;
When they die, they die for all of us.

©2003 John I. Blair

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