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At Spider Lily Time

By John I. Blair

Come September,
After weeks of heat
And parching dryness,
Sometimes here in Texas

A line of rains will pass,
Soaking the cracked soil,
Washing leaves green,
Reminding us we’re still alive.

Then the heat returns;
But just as we forget
The respite of the rain,
A miracle appears.

Here and here and here,
Astonishing the very
Folk who planted them,
Clumps of leafless stems

Topped by rosy starbursts,
As delicate as silk,
Robust as rockets,
Transfigure all the place.

It’s spider lily time,
When estivating bulbs
Revive and flash
Flamboyant beauty

Under the tired trees,
Reminding us
Of gardens gone,
Of gardens yet to glow.

©2007 John I. Blair

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