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Road Trip

By John I. Blair

Over the road I知 bound again,
Chasing down the big beyond,
Seeking freedom on the freeway.

After half a year of clinging
To the cozy town I live in,
Suddenly I ache to travel,
Crave to see how many miles
I make each day.

Oh, I fool myself to thinking
I知 a nester, cool with resting
In the same spot every evening
When I halt my wandering;
But drifting痴 in my blood.

My kind for generations
Have roamed across this land,
Always finding new horizons,
Sure that there is something better,
Greener, richer, finer, truer, in the distance.

So tomorrow I値l be gone,
And I値l drive a thousand miles
Before I知 done.

ゥ2003 John I. Blair

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