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Once More The Moon

By John I. Blair

The Moon has always been a part of human life, once worshipped, then studied by scientists and portrayed by artists. Of late we spend less and less time outdoors, transfixed instead by TV screens and computer monitors.

Once more the Moon
Has made its circuit
Of the Earth; at dusk
Its bold and sturdy face
Behind the eastward trees.

This grandfather
Spools yarns
About its stately gleam
To wide-eyed little girls
Whose hands I hold
While walking
From the drive.

When I was as old as they
Singers crooned
Songs that invoked its name;
Even further back
Night wolves howled
At its glowing shape.

I think it feels
Neglected now, forgotten
By us who used to worship
But have since forsaken it
For stories told
By pixellated moons In air-conditioned rooms.

2011 John I. Blair

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