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Rainy Day

By John I. Blair

In the dead of the night
       I winced at thunder
             And lightning that flashed
                   Through the windowpanes.

Rolling over
       And burying my nose
             Deep in the pillow,
                   Finally I dozed.

I slept half an hour
       Past the alarm,
             Then crept out of bed
                   To a cave-like day.

Water gushed
       From sheltering eaves,
             Pooled on the patio,
                   Dripped from leaves,

Slid off the drive
       To the gurgling gutter
             And rushed away
                   In rippling waves.

Gaping at the greenness
       As I splashed down the walk
             To salvage the paper,
                   I felt wetness embrace me

And greet my soft body,
       Which couldn't be there
             To inhale the sweet air
                   Were it not for the rains.

2003 John I. Blair  

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