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Love Song #37

By John I. Blair

When I asked you, late as usual
(One day after Valentine’s),
A firetruck roared with siren blasting
Past our parked and pensive car,
A silly punctuation wrapped in laughter.

But when we wed, one steamy
Summer weekend not long after,
I did not laugh, although I smiled a lot
And have been smiling ever since
Each time I think of you, of us.

Oh we’ve had sad times, times
When tears seemed much more appropos
Than smiling; but the path
We sacramentalized that morning
Far too few accomplish.

We pledged to cherish, nurture,
Care for as the fulcrum of our lives
The sharing of our entire selves,
So we were one thenceforward,
One soul, if not one body.

This is a portion few achieve in life,
Well worth a smile, a laugh, an ecstasy.

©2004 John I. Blair  

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