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You Are My Sunshine

By John I. Blair

It's a cloudy day; they've forecast rain.
Temperatures cooler than not.
There was thirty pounds of soiled cat litter
In the trash bags I lugged out.
The vomit on the carpet
Nearly caught me unawares.
Driving in left me glassy-eyed
And my aching feet are slowing down
My rush to get work done.

But just now, during my lunch break,
Once again I saw the cross stitch
You sewed for me with care:
"Vous êtes mon lumière du soleil"
Worked next to a tiny golden flower.
I smiled and thought of you
And all the love we share
Even when times are bad
And our hearts are sad.

©2003 John I. Blair  

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Reader Comments

Name: Louise Email:
Comment: Both of you are fortunate. Your love#comma# for having you#comma# and you#comma# for having your gift with words. Thank you for sharing this.



Name: Brooks Taylor Email:
Comment: Masterful meter and the kind of reality digging that reminds me of Frost.



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