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Don't Be Fooled By The Sunshine

By John I. Blair

Donít be fooled by the sunshine;
Itís a cloudy afternoon in late November
And four oíclockís supposed to look like this.

I know that in September
With daylight saving time
A light intensity this low
Would indicate itís fine
To pull a poptop off a can
Of gourmet chicken feast.

But not today, not now;
And purring around my toes,
Rubbing your silky golden fur
Along my naked legs,
Wonít make me do it any sooner.

No, it wonít!

And you bet that little nip
Upon my ankle
Didnít win you any friends!

Oh what the heck.
At least Iíll scratch your neck,
Pull your tail a bit,
Talk baby talk to you.

And maybe food at five
Will be okay just once.

©2005 John I. Blair  

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Name: Bruce Clifford Email:
Comment: I think living in Florida I get this one? Well done Bruce



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