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By John I. Blair

Caught in the midnight glare
Of a floodlamp on the eave
First a tapered head, then
Beady eyes, sleekly haired
Stout paunch, bald tail
Waddle out.

Not the least abashed
Or maybe not aware
A possum lumbers into view,
Thirst slaked at the basin
I put there for the finches,
Hunger not a problem
In a yard where birds are fed.

Primordial marsupial,
Looking like the first,
And not the best,
Attempt at making mammals,
And yet
Supremely well-prepared
For citified survival,

This one will thrive
So long as there
Are snug dens for daylight,
Strong barriers for dogs,
Ample snacks
To satisfy its questing snout.

2015 John I. Blair

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