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By John I. Blair

And what of the cat
Asleep at my feet . . .
Where does he fit in my
Neatly planned schemes?
His goals are quite simple:
To fatten, grow fur,
And entreat me to open
A food can or two
In the course of a day,
Scoop out the litter pan,
Lure some more birds
To his patio view,
Then provide a warm backrest
While he lies here and dreams.
So what can I say
To my somnolent cat
But to thank him some way
For reminding me that
Sometimes the best path
Is to keep still and purr.

2003 John I. Blair  

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Reader Comments

Name: Judith Alexander Email:
Comment: I sometimes think they're trying to teach us something, too. They wait so patiently. I love the imagery in this poem!



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