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By Mary E. Adair


At last, the quieter months of cold weather. Writing today, it is really cold for our area, being below 40 degrees Farenheit all day. The wind which usually blows is cutting down with chilling effect. The cooking columnist loves it - reminds him of cold, wet St. Louis in the Spring. The editor reserves further comment on the weather. Just thankful to be able to get around in it.

Being thankful is one of the prime reminders for November here in the U.S.A. with the national holiday annually falling on the fourth Thursday of the month. Being thankful is something we should likely practice throughout the year, but that is like going to church on Sunday - we do it when the day rolls around, and tend to not think of it again until the next proper day.

As far as this issue is concerned, your editor is thankful to be getting it released during the first week of the month. The way the material has come in - or not, as the case is - left sufficient doubt to suppose it might be skipped this time. A quick note: deadline for articles, poetry, and stories is by the 20th of the month before publication; columns should be in no later than the 25th.

What has appeared for November, however, is rather special. First, we have a new columnist, Pete Miller aka woodman in the chat circles, with his addition to the columns, "Stellar Notions." Pete must be shy, because he has not yet submitted his picture, but perhaps there will be one of him next month. The new column promises to be understandable for all, and a positive treat for those who already have an inkling or more about astronomy. Pete is hoping for lots of feedback, so let's give him a big welcome along with the comments. He tells us Cassandra told him about our ezine, encouraging him to approach us about doing a column. Thank you! Cassandra!

Thankful is what we always are for our columnists, but this month we are granting a requested sabatical to Cassandra. She has some health problems that need her undivided attention just now, but she hopes to return to our pages soon, as it is her choice when the sabatical ends. That will really be a time to be thankful!

Our other columnists, Gerard Meister, "Thinking Out Loud;" Leo C. Helmer, "Cookin' With Leo;" Dr. Sam Vaknin discussing the Magla Vocables in his "Taming The Beast;" pbobby, "Provocations;" Mattie Lennon's humorous though often true episodes in "Irish Eyes;" plus Michael Craner, "Mike's Place" and Darren Bardsley, "Ever Increasing Circles" (when the latter two have time to get their columns in ) means there are eight male writers outnumbering our female columnists. (Ah! thinking of school days where the boys were always too few to the number of girls in our classes!) LC Van Savage with "Consider This," and Denise, introduced as author of the guest column last month writing "Alas, To Muse and Ponder," plus your editor, currently represent the 'gals.'

We also welcome a new poet Inipi who shares "Promises" with us. Other poets include the Blairs, John I. and Clara, a married couple whose several hobbies include the writing of poetry. They employ various styles of structuring verse, but always have neat info built into their words. She authored "Comfort in the Cold" while he reflects about "October Ashes."

M. Jay Mansfield describes a commonplace activity in "Electric Salve" where several may see their own pastime in a different light. Bruce Clifford, a prolific writer (check his bio page for a clickable list of his other work we have published) pens two poems, "Are You The One?" and "The Other Side;" Sheila Keith sent her "I Am God's Angel;" while Jeffrey MacNair included two poems for November, "Life, The Keeper of Dreams" and "Vision And A Word." From the poet called LSeeker (talk about prolific!) - "Taking Hold;" another poet known as The One sent "The Dimensional Matrix Of Light;" and according to our policy, we are with holding the name by request of the poet who wrote "A Way As No Other."

Judy Issette's poem "Sisters" is a companion work to her story, "Memories of When - Sisters," which indicates how living can become the subject for poetic renditions. Our other story this issue is the continuation by Gerard Meister, "The remarkable true-life adventures of Samuel Dreben, the fighting Jew - Part 2" which includes one historic picture of General John J. "Black Jack" Pershing.

The lone article "Who's Fighting?" comes from the desk of your editor. You're welcome.

We continue to applaud Rebecca Morris for her "Adventures of Ollie-Dare" tales. The segment this month, "Ollie-Dare Has A Wedding" can be found, as usual, by choosing Serialized Stories from the sidebar. Thank you, again, Rebecca, for your lovely bear stories so appealing to kids, including the kid in each of us.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy this issue as much as we have as we received the various parts of it. Working on it takes an inordinate amount of time compared to how long it takes to read through it, but we still feel, at this point, that it fills a creative void in the publishing world. Our goal, to encourage new writers as well as to publicize and help more experienced writers stay active with their favorite type of writing, is one that has been lauded by professionals in many fields. We pledge to stay at this as long as there is enough interest in submitting material to allow us to present an attractive, informative, and pleasurable publication.

See you in December!  

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