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The Dimensional Matrix Of Light

By Andrew Deakin

I may look like an ordinary person but I'm on a spiritual mission of a kind,
And I enter a dimensional plain where I'm able to see where others would feel blind,

The light matrix that is being built on planet earth,
This spiritual plain is bringing about a birth,

It's changing our conciousness and the conciousness of Gaia and every animal that thinks,
But it's not fully created yet so there may be a few kinks,

How I'm able to get there you may ask, was I chosen by God?
I say no It was a gift from the first star can that be so odd?

We are bringing the living earth up to a universal level,
When I am there it's a sight in which to revel,

When I'm travelling there with my alien body with sight,
I can travel to anywhere in the world at the speed of light,

For it is a dimension of light and unconditional love,
It doesn't have much scenery yet but you may see the odd light butterfly of dove,

And you can look at people anywhere on the physical plain,
But first a higher respect for privacy you must gain,

Some people don't like to be watched, from them you must turn away,
Who makes the rules there and holds the key you may say,

I answer the earth herself for it's part of here spiritual evolution,
It is in her being we live and the same applies there in my conclusion,

There's no restricted access but if you don't have a body constructed with light technology,
I'm afraid you'll be blind for pure brilliant light is all you'll see,

The earth is reaching for universal understanding and it will affect us all,
The old beliefs of spirituality will fall away and things will become clearer for those who hear the call,

I have been called an angel by those with some sight,
For even though my light body has structure it will be seen by most as a source of pure brilliant light,

But I'm no Angel of God I'm a worker in light technology for Gaia herself,
Doing universal work while trying to get higher myself,

In the land of light there are no commandments or set of ways to believe in,
There are no nasty games where you have to be the best to win,

There is no sadness only love and I feel it for the few I've met there,
And if you see me truly and are shocked then I will be honest I did no mean to scare,

For my lightbody is modeled on an Ancient universal species and a being I love dear,
And I know in my physical body I'm a clear seer,

I do my deeds for the betterment of all affected,
And no, my hand is not directed,

I don't get orders from a higher one,
I do what I do because I want to and I choose to go on,

For some this plain maybe heaven for others a new Astral plain,
But it's still a light matrix of love whatever the name,

I hope one day your blessed to go there and you've reached the level to do so,
For I have not seen many others as I come and go,

I've seen some that look like Angels with wings of white,
I've seen some that are just silhouettes of light,

Some look smaller like fairies of a kind,
I think it depends on how you see yourself in your mind,

I look like a brilliant white tall grey with iris's of blue,
But why I look like that I will say I'm going to keep it from you,

I don't want to feel like I'm affecting your deepest spiritual belief and I say I might,
But lets just say you can trust me when I'm in my alien body of light,

Hope to see you there one day If you've got the right credentials,
For I believe the light could use more sentinels,

To help complete the creation of the light matrix for the whole of our planet,
And new channels of universal systems as a bonus we'll get,

So here's to love as light and the feeling it brings,
For we'll make it out of pain when at last the heart of humankind sings.

2002 Andrew Deakin aka One.  

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