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Andrew Deakin


My names Andrew aka One. I'm a 36 year old male who lives in Lancashire, England. I'm a spiritual person who follows the path of shamanism.

I write short stories and poetry, and I'm working my way to writing a novella that I will publish on Amazon kindle. My writing influences would be my favourite writer Dean Koontz, and also Steven King, Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Frank Herbert.

I can also dj and enjoy house music and trance.
Love and Light,


Type Month Year Title
Poem September 2002 The Journey to The Higher Me.
Poem November 2002 The Dimensional Matrix Of Light
Poem February 2003 What's Real?
Poem May 2003 The Physical Dream
Story July 2003 The Eye of The Great Dragon
Poem August 2003 The Reality Of Dreams
Poem January 2004 Mismatched moment
Story September 2013 The End of Time
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