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What's Real?

By Andrew Deakin

Does your mind create your reality?
And is mine truly real to me?
It is and It isn't I feel,
And that is the deal,
If you don't understand what I say,
Then you know the limitations in the words I say,
For I know they both are true,
Is that so confusing to you?
Ask me what's real and I'll tell you,
Nothing's solid it's all energy in motion and that's true,
Take nothing for granted in this game,
For there's no up or down in space or its time frame,
There is an invisible force that moves objects too,
It's called gravity and it affects me and you,
There is more than one dimensional plane in this place,
And there is more life than the human race,
Do you trust your eyes and what you feel,
But how can you be sure even that is real,
Eyes are just input devices that take in a small spectrum of light,
That is true so can you truly trust your sight,
There is more to life than what you see on the surface,
Things can appear and disappear without a trace,
I'm not talking objects here either,
Those hallucinations you see could actually be there,
How can you be totally sure what is true and what is not,
The only way is with belief and that's what I got,
I believe that stars and planets themselves live,
And it's them I wish to have freindship with,
Starting with mother earth and father sun,
And even though my search has ended my journey has just begun,
How can I be sure what I believe is true?
Well that takes faith and I have that too,
Faith in what I've searched for is real,
Even if I don't fully understand the deal,
I'm working towards a universal perspective,
And it's becoming apparent in the way I live,
If this is what I know,
Imagine what's left cause I still have far to go,
So, to me, Everything is real, you see,
Real to you, real to me,
Your beliefs are real too,
So keep up the faith, my friend, because I do,
Whatever you believe in is true for you and you can't know all the facts,
So as you dig deeper the layers what you find will give you the tracks,
And you will know more,
So keep flying high and soar,
For only your beliefs are truly real,
And that is the solid true deal.

2003 Andrew Deakin aka One.  

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Comment: What a wonderful poem! I just loved it and I'm anxious to read more from you! Keep up the good work, my friend. Take care and God bless you much! Love and Prayers, Jill



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