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The Journey to The Higher Me.

By Andrew Deakin

When I look at the mirror, who is there?
Into the face of infinity I stare.
The whole universe just for human kind?
I don't think so, it's more than that I find.
There must be a reason for the stars in space,
I mean the universe is a big place,
And the earth is just a speck on the horizon,
Will the universe cease to function when the earth is gone?
The universe is expanding and only living things grow,
So what is the purpose to the human show?
Some think that we are so important,
But the whole universe see's us from a slant,
We are special, but we're not the only ones to be,
For there must be more life out there for me to see,
Are those lifeforms not special to some higher being?
You've got to see this truth I'm seeing,
Humankind isn't better than everything else that's here.
We're just part of a system is that so much to fear?
We have higher beings who watch over us now,
Because we haven't got full universal know how,
We aren't the best now but we can get better,
We have potential to evolve to higher grounds and that's true to the letter,
When the higher beings stop their guiding,
We will have evolved to a universal siding.
We may become the ones who guide younger species,
Helping out the lost with their needs.
If we were there now, some would act like gods,
Demanding worship from those little bods.
To get higher you have to understand,
That just because you're higher,
Doesn't mean that you're better than the rest in this land,
You have a responsibility not to abuse your status,
Don't just use this to gain power over the rest of us.
A higher being can stand alone and is able to cope,
A higher being is the one who stands at the top he's managed to climb the rope.
If you're higher, then act higher, hold out your hand,
Help the next person up so you both can stand.
For being a higher being doesn't just mean you've climbed to the top of a ladder,
It means you've grown in spirit to a level that makes you gladder,
You know yourself more and can take the truths you may not have known,
And you can realise the things you got wrong and now you see the fact, and when in the past they were sown.
But you don't act bull headed or arrogant that you made a mistake,
You can handle seeing the true truth and show that this you can take.
No one's infallible all of the time.
Getting higher or growing in wisdom takes a searching from you walking the line,
There is nothing wrong in taking a wrong turn.
You understand things better when it takes you time to learn,
You have an appreciation of it and understand it your own way.
A wise man uses this to help others on their way.
A man who is consumed by dreams of power won't become higher,
Not because they are evil, but because of their desire.
Those who use wisdom to control other's will,
Will be found out in the end, have no friends, and get ill -
Ill in what they feel in their emotions.
And sometimes without wisdom to handle these oceans,
They can be swept in the wrong direction,
A true higher being has the best intention,
Doing everything just for yourself to gain what you wish,
Is a lonely path and doesn't lead to the enlightenment dish.
Being a higher being, means you have power,
But a higher being wouldn't use it to make the masses cower.
People are smart - they will eventually turn away,
And this kind of power gained usually won't stay.
A being who's of a higher wisdom,
Wields their power and doesn't let power wield them.
For those in power, there is someone who can make your influence less.
Who is this being? Can you make a guess?
If you say god you would be wrong in this answer,
The ones who can take back this power,
Are those that were influenced by this type of being,
For they can easily stop believing.
They find out your true motivations,
And leave your circle of influence and go to find new stations;
And you may find that those that stay,
Are just the same as this being and are just seeking to influence its way,
And you may find that what you have in the end,
Are selfish people fighting for control over each other. So which one's your friend?
A higher being has great influence to this (?) I say yes,
But that's by saying what they believe, no less.
They don't just say something to make you think their way,
There is more purpose than this to what they say,
And choice is yours to take it or leave it,
Or delude your self if you already believe it.
Maybe your Self, if you already believe it,
Maybe your mind isn't ready to see,
And in this life you must be who you be.
But understand with higher wisdom or without,
That being yourself both changes, and doesn't, no doubt...
And if this doesn't make much sense,
Look back five lines and then you may feel tense,
For the universe is carried forth by us all,
Every higher being and every being that's small,
And the higher being knows this true truth,
For these beings now, have seen this proof.
The universe is about growing and being more than you are at present,
So spread your wings with your own consent.
I'm saying this because this is what I saw in my brain ball,
For every bit of creation is there and I have it all.
In dream I gained an experience of feeling and being creation,
And when I felt it, what was my intention?
What things did I do to make my life good?
Absolutely nothing - which is as I should.
I just went silent and took it all in,
I was asleep when I experienced this truth within.
I'll believe it when I see it - I've heard that a lot -
But my physical senses were all shut off so see it I did not.
Ask me to tell you what I heard in words or draw you some pictures,
I wouldn't be able to, for my senses couldn't handle the stress.
When I felt this everything, I experienced it within,
It was all taken in, but can't be taught to my kin.
How I got there I couldn't say for I don't know how.
Why I didn't try to make something happen, I can say now,
For I experienced this with my higher self,
And this experience sits on my spirit's shelf.
Was I god (?) no, I was just me,
I experienced it all once, and it set me free,
For a higher being I have become,
And you may think that my journeys done,
But I say where to now (?)I do not fully know,
For there is more room for me to grow.
And if you ever need a helping hand,
Just ask me and I'll understand.
And you may say if you're higher, who can you learn from now you've gained this(?)
I would say from every friend I've had, people I meet, and the children I know, and my sis,
For I may have gotten higher, and gained wisdom, I know,
But I can learn from those that have far to go.
And you may ask, when at one with creation, why I changed not a thing - did something put up a wall?
I didn't wish to, I didn't want that control, and even if I did, would have had to fight it all.
I may have surfed the waves of creation and the universe with my being,
I couldn't stop those waves and control it all just by seeing,
For creation isn't one person, it is everything here.
It doesn't have a single will that dispenses joy or fear.
Creation is moved forward by not one creator alone,
It is pushed forward by every big or small will that is known.

And even though I may have felt it all at that moment in my soul,
I had to come down and carry on with my goal,
For I can still learn more. I can get higher still, for I'm not done,
For everything has changed, it has grown bigger, and where life has just begun,
For creation, as it was when experienced, isn't the same as creation now, I know,
For there are millions more things created by creation flow.
I am not the only one to feel this or experience it on this level,
There are many who got there when they made their own travel.
Some are religious messiahs and have following;
Some are spiritual teachers who teach this with what they say or bring;
But like me, there are also those who have been there,
That are just people with no following or student in their care.
You may have seen one walking down the street,
Some don't talk about it - so, if you hear this treat,
Don't laugh - because they don't seem to you like they could achieve this feeling,
Higher beings don't have to be leaders or teachers - can you see what I'm seeing?
And if you asked me if I think you're higher or lower in relation,
I would say neither - we are equal in situation,
And the universe keeps growing with me inside,
And now I feel I don't have to hide,
And I'm not looking for confirmation from where I'm at,
I'm not looking for followers - I am no leader at that,
And if you wish, you don't have to believe it, you can say I'm small,
But don't expect me to agree with you because I know I felt it all,
And I'll take the experience with me along with many more that I know,
And I keep on aiding the universe to grow,
For I control always learning more - if I search when I travel -
You never know, I may find a higher level.
So into the unknown I will go,
When I'm back, I'll tell you what I know.
I'm off to seek higher beings than me,
Of these beings am I jealous, or do I seek favour from the higher being I see,
I say no, I'm learning within, with where I go,
For I'm higher - higher but equal, you know.
You may ask what makes me special, was it a gift, was I chosen
To that I would say no, I just searched for the answers to stop my boredom.
If a climber sets out to climb a mountain,
However far up he gets he set out to climb just as I set out for higher gain.
For I am a master, but I'm no master either -
I'm a seeker, a searcher, a traveler and wanderer,
I'm off to see, first-hand, more of creation -
For the universe is just one giant way station.

2002 Andrew Deakin aka One.  

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