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The Physical Dream

By Andrew Deakin

I learn in the path of the unknown,
But once it's been seen, is it still unknown?
As long as creation grows,
The unknown will be holding shows,
I travel the paths of time,
But they're hard to handle in this spirit of mine,
I am not truely big enough,
Because on the mind these paths are tough,
But at least I've had a glimpse,
But even though future past has always been since,
It doesn't mean changes can't be made,
It is in how they're done that could make you afraid,
For I've seen a future in a certain length of time,
And it started out just fine,
But half way through I decide to change it,
Just to see if I could do it,
Now of them I'm not so scared,
For my test flared,
And the fear of doing something already seen,
Does show everything I've been,
For the great spirit of all is running the show,
And that I'm part of, I know,
If things change in a future unseen,
At least it had purpose - this physical dream.

2003 Andrew Deakin aka One.  

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